Urban clothing brands for women stylish curves;

Urban Clothing Brands For Women

Urban clothing brands for women stylish curves;Baby Phat willAccording to Essence, Baby Phat will possibly fold due to Kellwood manufacturing company filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Kellwood is a clothing manufacturing company that represents brands such as Fabulosity, Phat Farm and many other big name clothing lines. Kellwood is in debt for $140M. Just last week there were reports that Jennifer Lopez would not be selling her J.Lo line in the US and that she would be closing down her Sweet Face line. Almost a year ago Eve announced the relaunch of her Fetish line, but, I did not think the clothes looked any better.
We all know that chain stores are filing for bankruptcy left and right and designers are backing out of fashion week shows. Are the so called urban chic brands joining the club? Well, I for one, wouldn’t miss any of the urban brands if they were to close down. I know, I know, you love the big Baby Phat cat logo, J.Lo’s jeans fits your pear shape, but, did these female urban brands really capture the essence of the urban community?

These brands are sold in the local urban neighborhood stores such as Jimmy Jazz, Dr. J’s, Hyperactive, and S&D’s. The funny thing is that you will not find these brands on Madison Ave. or Rodeo Drive. The only urban designer I know that made it to the upper class area is Sean John, whom I think did a great job diversifying his designs to fit various age groups. His designs are sleek and not flashy and they can transfer from day to night. How come the female brands don’t do that? What’s up with all the polyester fabrics, slouchy and glittery tops, cropped jackets, and most of all, over powering logos that take away from the design of the clothes.

Yes, I know the brands target teenagers to young adults, but, at some point can these brands stop young girls from looking like they are going to a club at 12 in the afternoon and most of all can they stop the urban community from being walking billboards with logos on everything?Don’t get me wrong, I am all for entrepreneurship and I understand each brand is selling a lifestyle.
However, I think with any clothing line there should be a balance. A balance that includes going out clothes, weekend attire, and work wear. To me that is part of building your brand and this represents the lifestyle of urban communities. You see Sean John now has suits in his collection. Even Gwen Stefani’s clothing line Lamb is doing well and offers an array of pieces to fit your lifestyle.

I don’t think Baby Phat will fold, I do have to say that the designs get better each year. The Fall 2009 collection has a couple of pieces that can translate from work to evening. J. Lo’s Sweet Face line was actually much more creative and chic then the regular J.Lo line. As for Fetish, I’m still hoping for the best.

Check out some of the 2009 Baby Phat fall designs
Urban clothing brands for women stylish curves;Baby Phat willUrban clothing brands for women stylish curves;Baby PhatUrban clothing brands for women stylish curves;clothing line

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