The 3 worst reasons to become a blogger stylish curves;


The 3 worst reasons to become a blogger stylish curves;your blog

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

As I said in our 5th year anniversary post, I would be sharing my personal thoughts and tips on blogging. All the things I have learned over the course of 5 Years. That’s a long time to be in this industry and be successful at it. I thought my first blogging tip post should be simple, short, and sweet. Often times, people ask, why did I become a blogger. As I mentioned numerous times on this site, it has always been to motivate and encourage plus size women to stop hiding their bodies and learn to love and embrace their bodies with fashion.

I get quite a few emails from aspiring bloggers who want to know how do they start blogging and how do they become famous from it. I often chuckle at those emails. I also, get emails that say, can you give me some blogging advice so I can get free clothes. Oh, and I do get a few emails that ask, how do you get to go to all these events and trips, can you give me blogging advice, so I can do that too.

First of all, these questions are more than enough reasons why no one should become a blogger (just my opinion). In life, you should love and be passionate about the things you spend your free time on. Most successful bloggers who have been doing it for 2 years and more love and are passionate about their specific niche. Free stuff, fame, and trips are not their motivation. The reader and their love for beauty, fashion, writing, politics, or whatever it is they blog about, is their motivation.

So, if you’re a blogger who is trying to figure out should you stay a blogger or if you’re an aspiring blogger, then you should definitely read these tips on “Why You Shouldn’t Be or Become A Blogger”

1. Blogging To Be Famous

The 3 worst reasons to become a blogger stylish curves;about your

Honestly, at this point in the blogging game, becoming famous is much like having a $1 and a dream. It can happen but don’t hold your breath. Everybody and their mother, brother, sister, and even dogs have their own blog. In addition to everyone being a blogger today, most of the popular niche’s are over saturated and you would need a stellar game changing idea to really stand out. What many people fail to realize is that blogging takes a lot of time, perseverance, patience, and consistency, that is, if you want to be a good blogger. To blog just to be famous is not enough and chances are you will burn out quickly. You will find yourself giving up on your blog probably before you even hit your one year anniversary. Another thing is that readers are not dumb. They know when you’re there for them and when you’re not.

2. To Get Free Shit

The 3 worst reasons to become a blogger stylish curves;about your

Bloggers only blog to get free shit is probably one of the insinuation’s that I despise the most. While getting free stuff is a blogging perk and can be a nice perk, it should not  motivate you to become or even stay a blogger.  Half of  the free stuff company’s send you, wind up being shit you don’t want, can’t fit, don’t like, or could care less about. When you care about your blog and its brand, you will only want to create opportunities and partnerships with company’s that go beyond free stuff. Free stuff does not pay bills. Most bloggers still have jobs and can buy their own. Nine times out of ten, these brands want you to basically give them your first born for one free item. They want you to tweet ten thousand times and Facebook another ten thousand times to work off that one free item. Basically, it’s not worth it and in the words of Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”  If you’re a blogger you should be working on building relationships with company’s and going beyond free stuff.

3. To Make A Lot of Money

The 3 worst reasons to become a blogger stylish curves;your blog

I know quite a few people who blog full time and make a nice income from it. However, don’t be blinded by money or the fame. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of earning potential in blogging. If you don’t blog full time and have another job, blogging income can be great. If you treat your blog like a business you have the potential to earn enough for blogging to be your main source of income. I know its easy to get starry eyed when you read about bloggers like Bryan Boy and Man Repeller, Youtubers like Michelle Phan, and others making 6 figures or more. To get to that financial level, your numbers aka analytic’s have to prove worthy of that kind of money.  You can’t have 100 unique visitors daily and expect to make $100,000. Not gonna happen! Your traffic, social media influence, and business savvy  can help you achieve financial success.

Again, you have to be willing to put in the work on the creative and administrative side to get that big payday. Making money from blogging will not happen over night. It takes time, great ideas, integrity, and the ability to handle your business. You have to be willing to come to the table with those types of characteristics to make your blog profitable. If you don’t have that, then pull up a chair, have a seat, and rethink this whole blogging thing.

I know some of you may be surprised at some of the things I said, but as you can read, blogging is not all that easy, it’s fun and can come with amazing perks and opportunities, but it is also work. Especially when you care about your blog. There’s times when I literally spend an eight hour day creating and organizing content for my readers. I think about what will peek my readers interests. In addition to creating content, I work on the tech side of my blog, making sure links work, making sure photos can be seen, making sure that the user experience is a good one.

With anything you want to do and be successful at in life, you have to work at it. Blogging is no different. I honestly hope that this helps some of you and puts your blogging heart in the right place.

I want to hear from you, was I right on target with this article or nah? Leave a comment

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